Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I thought it would be useful to think a bit about the font / look we want for The Harvard Computers, as what we have presently aint great, I guess. Here's a couple we looked at:

bit too we're a lo-fi band, see

bit too completely stolen from elsewhere, and I tried drawing THC using this idea, and my hand / brain hurt

bit too LA story
and not quite lo-fi / scuzzy enough

Does anyone else have any ideas / thoughts etc. Am I right in thinking that James is giving this font a bit of a going over in a scuzzy up attempt?

Bondy's mate did a nice drawn text for the back of post mag, d'you think he'd give that a go for us Bond?


farion said...

fucking get in. this is what the internet was invented for! ill ask deano about doing you some art work... keep chasing me. and get weel soon. and im pretty crook too. though not quite sure ive got what youve got!

farion said...

hey fella. found this on my travels-

could keep looking into it or are you happy with the new address? in a way its quite good as long as you have the proper URL for your website... a bit like farion for the site and 'paying attention' for the blog...

anyway... hope the throats are improving all round

THC said...

happy buddy

great to hear from you, and as you say this feels like an excellent use of the internet, lovely.

no worries on the address front, I quite like THBloggers hey.

I remember asking you about deano writing (I think I remember rightly) your input is vital on the back cover of (my!) post, I said it was awesome and you said it was his text drawing and not a font. 'the harvard computers' could well be pretty special written in that style - would there be implications about how useable it would be or would it just be an image that we could use on the site, albums' tee's, perfume range etc etc etc.

hope you're good man, call me anytime, I'm off work now for 3 days due to rank illness.